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Activity 6 - Lipid extraction - emulsions

~5 different experiences are here proposed:~

Lipid solubility: The aim of the study was check the oil solubility in water, ether and ethanol. Use proper material (test tubes) and explaining the results from the polar nature of the substances (oil is non-polar).

This part was realized in pairs, we’ve used three pipets, sunflower oil or olive oil, distilled water, alcohol, three tubs, eter, four beakers and one dropper. Each tub contains a different substance, the first one alcohol and oil (one of the two types), the second one distilled water with the same oil that before, and the last one eter with the same oil. We've putted two milliliters of liquid in each tub.

Firstly we put two milliliters of each substance in each tub, after this de put in each tub five drops of in this case olive oil. We observed that in the first case (alcohol with oil) the oil stand up and down separated between the alcohol, but the most part stand down, it doesn't dissolve; after this we compared with…

Activity 5 - Primary treatment: sedimentation and settler tank

Jaime Sierrra and Alvaro Rivas
Aim of the study:This part is the primary treatment of the sewage water treatment plant process, which is the one in charge of the sedimentation of the clay in settler tanks, separating this one from the water to have it clean. To do the experiment we were based on the Hjulstrom diagram: After looking the Diagram, we started comparing different clays to finally put them into water with the objective of separating the clay from silt. Then we could know and observe the properties of each clay that we worked with.
Also to help in the experiment we created our own settler tank to filtrate the water with clay.


Three BeakersPlastic bottleFilter paperSmall rocksSandThree different types of clay:one from abacus, one which case was green one blue(that were the names we used to refer to each one)


In order to check which material was really clay and which was silt, we mixed each material with water in 3 separated beakers. After 24 hou…