Activity 7 - Lipid extraction - Saponification

Team: Álvaro Ribas & Pau Vilà
Date: 8/08/2018

Aim of the study

The aim of this project is to create a soap from oil, water with NaOH and .
We mix it and we can see that the soap is formed trough saponification(is the reaction of the oil and water with NaOH).


- Water with NaOH (90ml, 32g)
- Oil (279ml)
- Beaker(500 ml)
- Anise


We add 90mL of water to 32g of NaOH. Then we put it in a beaker and mix it. Whiñe we did it, we could touch the bottom and feel that it was hot because the NaOH is reacting with water within an exothermic reaction.
Once mixed, we added 279mL of oil. To do it, we first added 300mL of oil in a beaker and, with a pipette, we extracted the extra 21mL.
We mixed the oil and the water with NaOH for 20 minutes until the mixture become dense.
We put it in a mold and add a little bit of anise to improve the smell.
The soap was produced.
Soap is a product that serves for personal hygiene and to wash certain objects except in hard water. In hard water only detergents can clean. Detergents are more soluble in water because the polar carboxylate binds to calcium and other ions found in hard water.

Results and discussion

We can see our soaps ready to use them, but I think that we can improve this experiment adding more anise or instead of mixing it on us, use a machine to mix it, if we do it we will prepare a better soap and we will not get tired.


We can see in the soap what are we supposed to do, we think that its a fun experiment for the simple fact of preparing something as simple as soap.


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