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Activity A: Essential oils

FIRST SET UP By Pau & Claudia

SECOND SET UP By Paula, Anna & Elena

Aim of the study
In this second set up the aim was to improve the first set up of the distillation process by reducing the vapor leakages. To this aim, we used aluminium film.
The obtained essences will serve us for the future realization of soaps that we're going to give like a present for the open doors of our school.
Material Pipette of 10 ml 250ml test tube 250ml beaker 250ml Erlenmeyer flask (3)Water coolant Latex hoses Glass funnel Decanting funnel Three-finger clamps with nut (3)Universal support (3)Iron rings (3)Bunsen lighter 1Holed plugs (3)Glass hollow rods (3)Boiling pearls (5)SaltWaterLemon, canella and rosemary Improvements Add water to the first container (400ml) and cut aluminium paper to minimize steam leakages.Adjust the aluminium with masking tape.Place a straw in each hole and seal around with masking tape. In the second container, place the cinnamon (or the material from which you want to obta…

Activity 12: Biodiesel

Biodiesel Experiment:

The aim of the study is to create biodiesel (a renewable energy made from vegetable oils or animal fats, is one of the alternatives to gasoil). This aim of this is allied with the project 3: alternatives energies.

To do this experiment we need a Beaker, Watch glass, Tripod, Thermometer, Micro pipette,safety goggles, mask, Balance,Spatula,Methanol, Oil, hydroxide of sodium, water.
METHODOLOGY :The first step for doing Biodiesel is to put in a beaker 350mL of oil. The second step is to put in a small beaker water with sodium hydroxide and mix. Later, we put the sodium hydroxide in the first beaker and wait.
After the second week we saw big changes in the experiment because the water and oil didn't separate good. To solve this issue, we heated up the beaker during 2 hours and control that the temperature was in the range of 60-70 Celsius. During this time we saw changes in the color and the volume of mixture. 

In the third week we put 70 ml of methanol…