Activity 12: Biodiesel

Biodiesel Experiment:

The aim of the study is to create biodiesel (a renewable energy made from vegetable oils or animal fats, is one of the alternatives to gasoil). This aim of this is allied with the project 3: alternatives energies.

To do this experiment we need a Beaker, Watch glass, Tripod, Thermometer, Micro pipette,safety goggles, mask, Balance,Spatula,Methanol, Oil, hydroxide of sodium, water.


The first step for doing Biodiesel is to put in a beaker 350mL of oil. The second step is to put in a small beaker water with sodium hydroxide and mix. Later, we put the sodium hydroxide in the first beaker and wait.

After the second week we saw big changes in the experiment because the water and oil didn't separate good. To solve this issue, we heated up the beaker during 2 hours and control that the temperature was in the range of 60-70 Celsius. During this time we saw changes in the color and the volume of mixture. 

In the third week we put 70 ml of methanol with 1,22 g of sodium hydroxide in another beaker and mixed it. Later we put the content in the baker of the oil and mix during 15 minutes. We waited one more week. Finally, at the fourth week most of the groups obtained a clean biodiesel. However, our group obtained a solid mixture:

We believe the error was due to a lack of organization and communication within our group.

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