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Autoestima i violència escolar

Anàlisi del nivell d'autoestima i de violència a la nostra escola
En motiu del dia de la no-violència i la Pau a les escoles, el 30 de gener, hem analitzat les nostres pròpies respostes a dos tests oficials, un d'avaluació de l'autoestima i un de la violència escolar.
L'anàlisis s'ha fet dins el projecte 'Estadística i Consciència Social' de l'assignatura de matemàtiques. A més, els resultats també formen part del projecte Europe on 7 Hills (Erasmus+)
L'alumnat ha preparat un informe amb les conclusions més rellevants.
Esperem que us agradi!

Per si només en voleu fer un tast, us mostrem 3 diapositives...

Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer We have built a magnetic stirrer for our lab! 
The aim is not only to build such a useful instrument, but to do it in a creative and sustainable manner. The challenge: repurposing a PC fan!

The process has been really creative and many people have contributed. Keithen and Elisabet being the coordinators have account for the valuable teamwork of Nerea, Víctor and Quique. And, of course, Paolo, our ICT expert, has provided us the fan.
The process is explained in detail in this presentation, but let us show you some key moments....

As happens in many creative and risky projects, just at the very end of the process, just before the final demonstration, something failed: the stirring rod inside the beaker didn't turn! 

But, thanks to our tenacity, creativity and teamwork, we solve it!

The cause was a too high fan velocity that could be decreased providing less power (wee needed an AC/DC adjustable power supply). 7.5 volts worked perfectly!

And this is our final magneti…