The legend of Noa

by Dominic (ES), Miguel (PT), Clara (PT) & Elisabet (ES)

Long long time ago, around March 15th 1562, Noah was born to a long history of fisherpeople.

They lived a very lonely and sacred life on the Island of San Antonio off the coast of Termoli. 

They lived there for decades and decades. 

All this time they felt that something was missing in their life they felt an emptiness in their heart and for some resson they just couldnt fit into society. 

Everyone thought of them as some sort of freak. People did know if they were a man or a woman. But infact, Noa was neither.

Every third Thursday, when the moon was in Sagittarius, Noa waited anxiously for their destiny.

About 52 years seven months three days and two hours later, which happened to be the third Thursday in the moon of Sagittarius, Noa was still waiting. 

Noa's house had already fallen apart and their hair had gotten longer.

For some reason Noa was looking out for an albino eagle.

53 years later, again on the third Thursday in the moon of Sagittarius, the eagle suddenly appeared. 

Noa waited anxiously for the eagle to sit on the third grass on the wall and it did, just it disguised itself as a pigeon.

The legend says that this was the last that the mortals got to hear about Noa. They are said to have become a mermaid and found their love and happiness between the mermaids that had been waiting for them for about 123 years and seven months. 

If you look out the sea on the third Thursday of the sign of Sagittarius, it is said that the mermaids wave back to you.

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