ETHOS is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) project where only the main structure is defined by the teachers. All the content, experiences and visits are entirely created by the students. This is a real challenge for all of us!!!

The aim: building a better future for our community. So we will focus on a chosen supply and study the natural sources and extraction techniques, the environmental, social and political issues, some state of the art alternatives and the ethics behind all these aspects.

The project is designed to have a length of 7 months, so we will be working on it for the entire course. All science subjects will be involved together with the English subject, that will support all the activities since the official language in is ETHOS English (in any subject, in any moment).

Important dates and outcomes:

16 September 2021: kick-off meeting where the ETHOS project has been introduced to all the students and the teams have been defined. 





21 September 2021: Selection of the supplies:
  1. Team Pepe Jeans: Roger, Nikita, Pablo, Arnau P. - Electricity
  2. Team MAPHA: Martina, Ares, Paula, Helena, Alba  - Clothers Factory
  3. Team Doctor Plants: Arnau G., Lucas, Max, Favio, Thomas - Medical Drugs
  4. Team S.L.I.M.M.: Sergio, Laia, Inés, Mireia, Marta - Transports 


    22 September 2021: The survey. In order to gather information of the stereotypes and preconceptual ideas of the science and, specifically, the engineering, a pre-test has been designed and applied to all students (some orally and some other online). Once we perform the post-test at the end of ETHOS we will show you the main results. Be patient!

    29 September 2021: The fundamentals of a research project.DOminic has explained us the fundamentals, how to build a relevant state of the art of a given subject, what is the required structure of any research project and the key points to provide a coherent and creative project.

    October 2021: we have had 7 meetings to get enough insight on our supply. We've tried to build a minute's book all along the sessions, but we're still not used to it! Nevertheless, we have been able to follow a preliminary reasearch on our suply and we are now ready to get even much insight regarding all the biological, chemical, physical, design and statistical aspects of our supply.
    We have prepared some infographics:


    Desember 2021: Within the Technical Drawing subject, we have designed some logos for our supply.  Also, we have been focused on the biological aspects of our supply, specially those aspects related to eco-technologies or more sustainable alternatives. Take a look at our infographics!




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