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Activity 10: Flocculation - clay

We can separate all the project between two parts, the first one where we obtain the starch and the second one where we'll decant the clay using the starch.
The last weeks we were doing some projects studying the water sewage treatment, this one is inside the secondary treatment. Today we’re doing the flocculation that is the decantation of the clay using the starch. In this first part the aim of the study is to extract the starch of the potatoes to improve the flocculation.
To do this process we’ve used one and half more potatoes, a knife to peel the potatoes, a grater, a container to put the potatoes, a burner to burn the water  a beaker to put the water, a tripod to hold the beaker, a grid to make the tripod more stable, a strainer, a watch glass and a spatule to catch the starch.
We’ve followed some steps to do this first part; at first we have to peel the potatoes (one and half) and then scratch the with the grater, we put the potatoes in a taper with water that we had burned, …