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Activity 11: Phytoremediation


Aim of the study The lasts weeks we're studying the water sewage treatment, now we’re working on the third treatment studying the nutrient removal; we want to extract the copper (Cu) with the Lemna Minor plant which is called phytoremediation. Knowing this , our principal objective is to extract the cooper and then study the (cooper 2+) absorbance using colorimeter methodology.

Lemna minor plantErlenmeyer flaskTest tubesWaterBalanceCooper 2+Calibrated CylinderWatch glassPipetsColorimeterVolumetric flaskPlugsSpatulaGlovesTest tubes rack Methedology:
First of all, we have to prepare 10 different concentrations of the copper solution from a more intense solution to a more translucid one. Every seven days we have to check it.

Then, we add a plug to each Erlenmeyer (after that we cleaned them).

We do some tables with the variables for the Erlenmeyer off 150 mL and 100 mL. Then we do the same but with 5 test tubes whit their plugs.

We have checked our experimen…