Activity A: Essential oils


By Pau & Claudia


By Paula, Anna & Elena

Aim of the study
In this second set up the aim was to improve the first set up of the distillation process by reducing the vapor leakages. To this aim, we used aluminium film.
The obtained essences will serve us for the future realization of soaps that we're going to give like a present for the open doors of our school.
  • Pipette of 10 ml
  • 250ml test tube
  • 250ml beaker
  • 250ml Erlenmeyer flask (3)
  • Water coolant
  • Latex hoses
  • Glass funnel
  • Decanting funnel
  • Three-finger clamps with nut (3)
  • Universal support (3)
  • Iron rings (3)
  • Bunsen lighter 1
  • Holed plugs (3)
  • Glass hollow rods (3)
  • Boiling pearls (5)
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Lemon, canella and rosemary
  • Add water to the first container (400ml) and cut aluminium paper to minimize steam leakages.
  • Adjust the aluminium with masking tape.
  • Place a straw in each hole and seal around with masking tape. In the second container, place the cinnamon (or the material from which you want to obtain the oil) and repeat the previous procedure to cover and perforate it.
  • Heat up the second container in order to increase the steam flow
    We had good results comparing the other first set up. With canella we had an intermedium amount and with rosemary we had a big quantity. The two experiments we prepared, had more H2O than essential oil we needed.
    Putting less quantity of aromatic substance, it might probably smelled less, than what we had.

    We think that putting some aluminium foil was good for the experiment, because we had more quantity of essential oil and we think it might help not to condense the vapor.

    By Nacho, Marina & Sandra

    Our aim of the study is to make some soaps using the essential oils that we've made for the open doors to welcome the future students to Prat’s Academy. We will add essential oils cause in the last activity of saponification they don't smell well so it's a new idea to improve it.

    But we modify the fact that before putting the soap on the recipient we put the essential oil and mix all.

    We obtained many soaps, one that has cinnamon oil, one that has lemon oil and one of a plant. In the lemon soaps we see that after a week they still not solid and we conclude that it's cause we putted the oil at the end and we should put it during the methodology. We've cut them and made many forms before packing them with beautiful papers.


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